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My Story

Let me introduce myself…

Hey there, my friend and welcome to One Latte Too Many. My name is Tascha and I’m just going to skip my last name, because it is IM-POSSIBLE to pronounce.

I’m a productivity strategist, HR professional, and coffee enthusiast.

I created One Latte Too Many to help female entrepreneurs with working SMARTER, not HARDER, so they can scale their business while having more time for the things that truly matter in life.

If you recognize yourself in one of the following, then you are totally in the right spot here:

  • You are tired of working such long hours and not having time to spend with your loved ones
  • You feel exhausted, stressed and numb, and the business that you were once so passionate about, now bring you negativity and heaviness
  • You quitted your 9-5 job to have more freedom and time in your life, but find yourself equally stuck in your business with even less time you had before
  • You want to create this kind of business that allows you to travel the world and go on adventures while earning money on autopilot
  • Life happened and your priorities have shifted, and now you don’t have as much time available anymore to work on your business
  • You feel like you are super busy and working all the time, but at the end of the day, you didn’t actually accomplish a lot

I totally get it, I’ve been there… For a looong time, I was always busy-busy-busy. I took way too much on my plate.

I could barely keep my head above water. I sacrificed sleep, neglected my boyfriend for months, and even a simple phone call to my family was already too much…

And the worst thing is… even though it was difficult for me to admit, I didn’t want it to stop.

In a weird way, I LOVED this extreme lifestyle I was living. I felt so exhausted and numb, but at the same time I was feeling SO proud and accomplished (to me, it felt like this addictive adrenaline rush)

JUST the idea of taking things slower and giving up some to-do’s, just made me super anxious…

At this point, I realized that this hustle mentality really became a part of my identity. It became part of how I perceived myself. I wanted to continue to perceive myself as this superwoman who could do it all.

So changing this and having a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle felt like me having to give up a part of myself. This made it so difficult for me to escape this hustle mentality.

At one point, I was really on the edge of a burn-out…

…and then something just clicked…(#thanksgod)

I realized I needed a break (like ASAP)

And I just knew that I HAD TO start putting boundaries for myself to avoid that I was going to slip back into this toxic 14 hour day lifestyle.

So that was when I started to dive deep into researching and studying the world of productivity and time-management. I read, watched and listened to literally everything I could possibly find about how to work smart instead of hard.

How could I accomplish the same things in a much smaller timeframe? How could I have time for my partner, family, working out, and self-care while getting things accomplished? How could I work much less while actually achieving more?

Man, a whole new world opened up for me…

I tested, tweaked, and experimented with all the systems, strategies and techniques I learned…

And right then and there, I was hooked.

I felt like I’d struck gold (literally!).

I’m just so much happier and balanced now than I’ve ever been and my business is growing faster than ever.

I’m sharing this story because I want you to know that this is possible for you too! I’m no unicorn.

YOU, my friend, can learn how to make the same shift so you finally have time for the things that truly matter in life.

And YOU can master the art of work smarter instead of harder too!

I’M here because I wanna show you how 🙂

No matter where you’re at right now, creating a profitable, joy-inducing business without overwhelm or hustle is SO possible. Hell yes, you have what it takes do this and no, you shouldn’t settle for less than the life you truly deserve!

Why ‘One Latte Too Many’?

You might have asked yourself why my blog is called ‘One Latte Too Many’. I mean, if I like coffee that much, why didn’t I call it ‘Not Enough Lattes’, right? The truth is that after drinking too many lattes, I just start talking waay too fast, my heart beat raises and sadly, I get these strong feelings of anxiety (it kind of feels like having butterflies in your stomach, but more like a whole jungle). But on the other hand, I have such a huge coffee obsession that it’s literally the thing that convinces me to come out of bed every single morning.

So basically I find myself in this daily dilemma to either choose between having another oat milk Pumpkin Spice Latte or being anxiety-free (I know, difficult decision right!?)

You can’t even imagine how jealous I am of all these people who just drink like 8 coffees a day (even strong black ones) and don’t feel a thing!

Sadly, I’m just not one of these people.

But for that exact same reason, every single day I look forward to having this ‘aaahh‘ moment when I drink my morning latte.

Things you can’t have a lot of, you just end up loving even more, right?

Some other facts about me?

  • I actually drink lattes with soy or oat milk, because I’m vegan!
  • I speak 4 languages (3 of them fluently) and have lived in 3 different countries growing up
  • I’m obsessed with Latin-American culture (the food, the people, the music, EVERYTHING)
  • I love traveling and would love to become a digital nomad one day
  • I’m a total productivity junkie

And hey, I’m really glad that you’re here and I genuinely can’t wait to go on this adventure together!

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