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How to Improve Self-Confidence as a Digital Entrepreneur

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Have you ever pictured yourself talking about your products and services effortlessly to potential clients without any hesitation? Yet, in reality, you often find yourself behind your computer with a red face, nervous, just hoping to sign the client.

You might ask yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” “Why does it scare the hell out of me to talk about my business?”

You see, if there’s one important skill that makes life so much easier as an entrepreneur, it has to be confidence…

Why? Because in order to obtain success in your business, you must put yourself out there A LOT. You have to be able to confidently pitch your products and services, network and collaborate with other business owners, and often organize digital events such as Instagram lives, summits, or webinars, you name it. The list goes on and on.

In other words, you need to have the courage to come out of your comfort zone and do things you have never done before all the freakin’ time.

And for that, you guessed it… You need a hell of a lot of confidence.

It can be hard to build that initial confidence, especially when you’ve just started your entrepreneurial journey. However, confidence is, fortunately, a skill that you build over time through experience.

And honestly, obtaining self-confidence can create a positive domino effect in your biz. Hard tasks will seem easier to accomplish, it often also helps with procrastination since you’re not as nervous anymore, and most importantly, you start to trust yourself and your actions more.

So in this blog post, I want to dive deep into what having confidence means, why it is important – especially for digital business owners – to ditch self-doubt and improve your confidence, and lots of tips and actionable advice on how you can improve it.

Let’s do this!

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What Does Having Self-Confidence Mean?

I would describe confidence as believing in yourself and everything you do. It’s about trusting that you’re capable enough to figure things out and find solutions for whatever you’re confronted with in your journey.

It’s not about being the expert or “the best” in a certain skill or niche, it’s about believing that you can improve and learn whatever you want if you put in the time.

To have self-confidence is to look at challenges as opportunities, failures as lessons, and turn weaknesses into advantages. However, as I said above, confidence isn’t something you’re either blessed with or not. I believe it’s a skill you can develop, like any other.

It’s true that some people naturally have charisma and confidence, and it flows naturally to them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it, even when you’re naturally quite insecure.

With this important skill, you understand the unique value that you offer to your clients. You effectively communicate and present yourself in a manner that you get noticed and, as a result, leads to increasing your income.

Why Is It Important For Digital Entrepreneurs To Be Confident?

We all know that being a solopreneur can be a hell of a rollercoaster ride. Not everyone gets to stay on top. There will always be moments of self-doubt, and it is in these moments that we cannot allow fear to take over.

So, let’s look at the importance of confidence if you find yourself in these situations:

Entrepreneurs, who are bold in what they do, will often charge services at higher rates, get more deals and create a clientele list that respects and treats them as partners rather than workers.

As you gain confidence, you’ll also develop a heightened self-awareness because you understand your shortcomings and you will be able to ask yourself honest questions about your business without taking it personally and feeling like an absolute failure. Let’s say you have created a product that has worked quite well in the past. However, as time goes on, a possibility may occur that it’s not selling as much as it used to. So, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Are there any updates required to my product lineup?” “Is it in line with current market trends?”

In addition to success, studies have shown that confident people tend to live healthier lives. They feel more optimistic, satisfied, and happy with their way of life. It could be because positive emotions are usually associated with confidence. This is why when you come across positive, successful people, they always look forward to a better tomorrow.

On the other hand, those who lack confidence, often find themselves stuck in their businesses. They might find it difficult to find great opportunities, collaborate with others and scale their businesses. I mean, if you don’t believe in yourself or your services and products, how can you expect other people to believe in you?

5 Tips To Boost Your Confidence As A Digital Business Owner

1) Pinpointing Self-Doubt

Ask yourself and reflect on why you have self-doubt in the first place. Are there certain events or traumas in your childhood that you can identify? Is there something that triggers negative emotions?

All those behaviors that you learned as a child are just defense mechanisms to keep you in a safe space, and avoid negative feelings.

But in order to become more confident, you’ll eventually need to confront these events, re-live them, make peace and let them go, so that it no longer triggers you in the future.

And even though this might sound super simple and easy, it’s actually quite scary and requires a lot of courage, since it often brings up sad memories, repressed emotions, and identity confusion.

However, as you’re overcoming these mental blocks and limiting beliefs, you will feel free, relieved, and way more confident!

2) Reminding Yourself The Value That You Provide

It’s tempting to think: “I’m not special; there are hundreds of other people out there that are providing the same products and/or services.”

However, no one has your unique perspective and unique mix of skills and passions. Identify them and figure out how you can bring them into your business. Pay real attention to those tasks that you can do for hours and hours without really feeling like you’re working, or certain aspects of your biz you get so many compliments about.

Even though there might be 100 Pinterest courses out there, yours is different. You have your specific way of teaching that might resonate with people. You may have a technique that others don’t talk about. You probably have a unique way of explaining a certain concept and have organized knowledge in a unique and authentic way.

So even though there might be other people out there that do something similar to you, that doesn’t mean that what you do, is less special. So be confident about it.

3) Own And Learn From Mistakes

Speaking from personal experience, I have failed countless times and expect to fail more. However, it doesn’t affect me from what I try to achieve and helps me reevaluate my actions. Remember, our purpose in life is not to prove ourselves right all the time, but rather we become less wrong every step of the way.

Confident people don’t see mistakes as failure, they only see them as feedback. They realize that for building successful biz, making mistakes and learning from trial and error isn’t just important, it’s a necessity.

So stop judging yourself and putting yourself down for your mistakes, and instead fix your ponytail, put on lipstick, reflect on what this mistake teaches you, and go on!

4) Be Different, Be You

On the other hand, be the type of entrepreneur who likes to expand their knowledge on what’s new in the business world and have the courage to do things differently.

If all companies do A, what about doing B? When you do what all others are already doing, it gets difficult to distinguish yourself and get a decent market share to make a profit.

However, sometimes just looking to what other solutions exist to the same problem, but with your own unique twist to it, can really help you to stand out from the crowd and become successful.

5) Practice Confidence

Confidence can be explored, learned, and mastered like any skill. Even when times are hard, practice showing up as the best version of yourself daily.

Not only do you attract wealth, but you also attract like-minded people to work with you.

Practice mindfulness and gratitude (I talk more about it here!) in your daily routine. Affirm yourself that you are confident in what you do, and success is right around the corner.

If you become consistent with these daily practices, you will eventually develop CONFIDENCE that’s bulletproof!

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Do you think your confidence has helped you find success in life and business? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Lindsay P says:

    I’ve been there lacking confidence, and this is great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I think most of us have been facing at least one point you mentioned. Interesting post.

  3. Lani says:

    It’s normal to lose self-confidence when the doors have been shut on you too many times but a change in perspective helps.

  4. Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau says:

    Needed this reminder! I totally agree, being confident as a business person makes a whole difference in how you approach obstacles daily and the affect you’re likely to have on potential clients and their desire to join you. I appreciate how you define confidence and that it’s not always easy to express and remove self doubt. Thank you for the great tips!

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