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How To Practice More Self Love & Self Compassion As A Solopreneur

self compassion
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In this blog post, I want to dive deep into a topic I feel that isn’t talked about enough: self-love and self compassion, and how you can become your own best friend that cheers for you if things go great, but equally is there for you when things don’t go that great.

Especially when you have your own business and you constantly have to come out of your comfort zone, push your limits, and learn new things ALL THE TIME, it’s so important to not be too hard on yourself and avoid negative self-talk that makes you feel even more miserable after a rough day.

Here are 6 tips about how you can improve your self-talk and practice more self-love and self compassion.

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self compassion

How To Practice More Self-Love & Self Compassion As A Solopreneur

#1. Be patient with yourself

If you are trying something completely new, it’s normal that you don’t necessarily do it perfectly from the very first time and that’s OK.

Be patient with yourself and give yourself enough space and time to learn out of trial and error.

You will see that the more patient you are with yourself and the less pressure you put, the more you will actually have fun in the process! Because when you are excited to get better at something, then you will genuinely do a much better job as well.

So don’t put your expectations too high from the very beginning.

#2. Self compassion by seeing mistakes as learning opportunities

The second one is definitely one that is easier said than done, but genuinely try to not put yourself down when you are making mistakes. Instead, consider them as learning opportunities.

Especially in your business, you might think that there is no place for mistakes because your reputation depends on them, but the opposite is true.

Making mistakes makes you much more relatable for your audience. It makes you human. In order to truly connect with your audience, don’t be scared to show up authentically and be REAL and vulnerable sometimes. Nobody wants you to be perfect because perfect is fake.

So, give yourself the permission to fail and when you make a mistake, own it, learn from it and then make jokes about it.

#3. See yourself and your business as a separate entity

As a solopreneur, I know it’s tempting to see yourself and your business as the same thing.

You are your business and your business is you, right?

BUT for the sake of your own mental health, it’s really important to see them as separate as possible.

Why? Because if you don’t, and something goes ‘wrong’ (for example a launch didn’t bring up much money or you got lots of negative feedback on something you put out), you are going to take it very personally.

It will probably make you feel like YOU are a failure, while that isn’t true. The launch might have “failed” but that doesn’t mean you, as a human, are a failure because it doesn’t have anything to do with you as a person.

You just probably might have to tweak your sales page a bit or add an irresistible bonus and then, it might sell like hotcakes.

The way you feel about yourself shouldn’t depend on achievements, successful launches, or positive feedback.

Your self-love should be unconditional, and independent of how your business is performing.

#4. Take time off when necessary & practice self-care

Remember it’s not only OK to take time off, but it’s a necessity.

You are your own boss, so you can choose your own working hours. Take advantage of this luxury 🙂

Listen to your body and take your human needs seriously.

Don’t ignore the signals it’s trying to give you and prioritize your own mental health and physical wellbeing over your business.

Do the things that you know make you feel connected to yourself and make you feel refreshed (it doesn’t matter if that is reading a book, doing yoga, meditating, or sleeping 8+ hours), and make time for it on a daily basis.

#5. Self compassion by putting boundaries with your business

Self-love and self-care don’t always necessarily look like facemasks, getting your nails done, or reading a book in front of the fireplace.

Self-love can also look like setting office hours, setting clear expectations with clients, deleting your email app on your phone, and saying “no” to opportunities to protect your ‘me-time’.

Self-love can look like pivoting your business when it no longer aligns with the new you and what you find important in life.

Self-love can look like asking for help when you need to and delegating tasks that you find stressful or annoying.

#6. Trust your gut feeling

I don’t know about you, but the best decisions I ever took, were the ones that were kind of risky but I did them anyway because they just felt right.

Love and trust yourself enough to genuinely listen to your gut feeling when having to make difficult decisions. Doing this will cultivate by far the most alignment.

And when your intuition screams a big “NO”, you should probably listen and don’t follow through with it. It is a huge sign that something is off about a certain situation or person and in most cases, it is totally right.

That rounds up my 6 tips for improving your self-talk and having more self-love and self compassion as an entrepreneur.

self compassion
self compassion

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Let me know in the comments down below, what do you do to have more self compassion?

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