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How to Prevent Business Burnout According to Your Personality Type

Burnout Recovery: How To Prevent Business Burnout According To Your Personality Type
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Burnout is a term that has been mentioned EVERYWHERE lately. You might have read about it, suffered from it, or know someone around you who is going through the same.

Blame “hustle culture” all you want, but even the most accomplished entrepreneurs drain themselves to exhaustion at some point in their life.

Although the symptoms of people who have burnout may seem similar, not everyone gets burnout in the same way.

I believe burnouts happen when you’re falling into extreme behavior, especially when you start to gain exposure and try to scale your business. But what this extreme behavior specifically looks like depends on your personality type.

This also means that to heal and recover from a burnout, you will need to go back into balance.

So today, I would like to dive deep into this interesting topic and talk about how you can prevent and heal burnouts depending on your unique personality type, and furthermore, how you can design a business that is balanced and energizes you.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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What Is A Burnout?

So before we start diving in, it might be useful to remind ourselves what a burnout means.

A burnout isn’t just feeling a bit tired or exhausted after a heavy week; it’s a long-term condition where you consistently don’t have the willpower, motivation, and energy to do anything. You will find yourselves overwhelmed even with the most mundane of tasks.

You feel almost numb, unable to get out of bed, and doing as much as making yourself a cup of coffee seems like a chore.

And this can go on for weeks and so far as months!

Let’s first understand some of the main personality types to determine what triggers a burnout. Knowing your type will help give you a better understanding of your strength and weaknesses.

What Are The Four Main Personality Types?

So, there are so many different personality tests and frameworks out there that describe different kinds of personality types, but for the sake of keeping this blog post simple, we opted for the A, B, C, and D personality types.

1) Personality Type A

Type A people are the typical over-achievers and workaholics. They feel fulfilled by accomplishing tasks and reaching their goals. These individuals are very ambitious, tend to put extremely high standards for themselves, and love challenges. They are efficient with time and are very well-organized.

However, on bad days they might be stressed, anxious and irritable, especially when they feel they are wasting time when they could be working on “important” matters.

They are also extremely competitive and tend to base self-worth on achieving goals. The constant need to prove themselves is what keeps them going.

2) Personality Type B

Type B people are quite the opposite. These are the ones that are very laid back, don’t experience stress often, enjoy social interactions, spontaneity, and love life’s journey. Having fun is important to them. They are harmonious and peaceful and have good people skills.

They also dislike strict schedules and an unbalanced lifestyle.

However, type B people are known for being the typical procrastinator because they prefer to have fun rather than get work done. So, that’s why sometimes they don’t reach their full potential and instead have a simple but soothing lifestyle.

3) Personality Type C

Type C people are creative, intellectuals, and innovators. They think out-of-the-box, is very detail-oriented, and often are perfectionists. They love having deep, meaningful conversations with people rather than just small talk. These individuals often need sufficient alone time to think, analyze and generate new ideas.

Another key trait is the tendency to help people in need and a strong desire to achieve goals.

They dislike when something happens that breaks their routine.

However, type C people might be late to deadlines or not finish projects at all because it isn’t good enough in their perception. Because even the simplest tasks have to be picture-perfect and they often get overwhelmed quite quickly.

They are also the ones who have a tough time saying no when someone needs help as well as suppressing their emotions.

4) Personality Type D

Type D people are realistic, warm people who often go through a lot in life. They have a lot of wisdom that they love sharing with others, and they get energy from helping people in need.

However, type D people tend to see the world more pessimistically and focus on the things that go wrong. They are often quite emotionally unstable and prepare for the worst.

They tend to shy away from having interactions due to fear of being rejected or judged.

How Can You Prevent & Heal From A Burnout Depending On Your Personality Type?

1) Personality Type A

Type A people typically get a burnout when they are too workaholic and work extreme hours while sacrificing sleep and self-care for a long period of time.

Since they often attach their identity and self-worth to being the busy, hardworking bee, it might be difficult for them to take time off work and recharge.

When type A people suffer from a burnout, to heal from it, they need to learn how to listen to their bodies and give them exactly what it needs. This could be 8 hours of sleep, eating wholesome food, doing a digital detox, or taking a vacation.

Taking a step back and doing a proper self-assessment is crucial for recovery.

2) Personality Type B

Type B people typically get a burnout when they feel they’re getting too much into a routine when all days look the same, and their lives aren’t that fun and spontaneous anymore for a long period of time.

Since they dislike seriousness and heaviness, they become extremely unmotivated when their lives are this way and feel out of balance.

When type B people suffer from a burnout, to heal from it, they need to switch things up and try something completely new and exciting meanwhile also meeting new people to restore this balance. These could include moving to a new city, starting a new hobby, or learning a new language.

3) Personality Type C

Type C people get burnt out when they feel their life, work or relationships aren’t meaningful enough or not up to the mark. And since they are such deep thinkers, obsessed with whatever they are doing, and love impacting people with their knowledge or creations, they can get frustrated and unmotivated when not feeling aligned.

When type C people suffer from a burnout, to heal from it, they need to reflect on why things don’t feel aligned anymore and how they can change with what they’re doing so they can have more impact on people and the world in general.

Since they love structure and routine, adapting to change can be particularly stressful. They need to take things slow and gradually build up new habits.

4) Personality Type D

Type D people typically get a burnout when they feel misunderstood, isolated, and lonely. And because of that, they start to overthink, get into a negative spiral of toxic thoughts and get emotionally unstable.

To heal, they need to surround themselves with people on the same wavelength or going through something similar. Since these people are very warm and eager to help others in need, it is extremely fulfilling for them to do some voluntary or social work or just help people in general. This brings positivity to their lives.

Furthermore, since the D likes to be in control and too focused on goals, they need to be more open to others’ opinions and feelings.

How Can You Create An Aligned And Energizing Business Based On Your Personality Type?

1) Personality Type A

For type A people, it’s really important to create enough space in your business to take time off and take care of yourself.

Specifically, to create an aligned and energizing business, these can be great solutions:

  • Streamlining and simplifying your business processes.
  • Automating certain tasks that take too much time.
  • Outsourcing tasks that don’t give you energy.

2) Personality Type B

For type B people, having fun and doing new, spontaneous, and exciting stuff in your business is important.

These can be great solutions to apply to your business:

  • Make time and space in your business to start a new project you feel excited and passionate about.
  • Don’t like to provide a certain service anymore? Then follow your intuition and pivot your biz in a way so you can have more fun. Just because other entrepreneurs are doing things, a certain way doesn’t mean you have to do things the same way.
  • Since you love spending time with others, try to think of ways you can collaborate and connect with others in your niche to create a joint project, summit, bundle, or product offering.

3) Personality Type C

For type C people, it’s important to create a business where you can have an impact on people and express your intelligence, innovation, and creativity.

Specifically, to create an aligned and energizing business for type C people, these can be great solutions:

  • Reflect on how you could use your unique skills and talents to create an even bigger impact on your community and clients.
  • Understand your clients with in-depth interviews, surveys, or case studies and analyze other pain points they have, and how you can create a service to transform their lives.
  • Find a project where you can dive deep into and excel to new heights.

4) Personality Type D

For type D people, it’s important to create a business where they can help people in need that are struggling with something similar as you have.

Specifically, to create an aligned and energizing business for type D people, these can be great solutions:

  • Reflect on how and which target audience you can share your wisdom and life experiences with in a way that really helps them.
  • Find a way to connect and collaborate with a community that understands and resonates with you.
  • Create a business where you encourage people to open up, be their unfiltered version of themselves, and lead by example by sharing your story.


Identifying our personality type will help bring a higher understanding of how we deal with day-to-day aspects of our life. This could mean our relationships, challenges, and business.

Do know that most of us are a unique combination of the four personality types mentioned earlier. I hope all the descriptions I said are to provide you with some background on your personality type and how to recover from a burnout.

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How do you guys cope with burnouts? Which of the personality types do you see yourself the most? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. yy says:

    I never realized there was a personality type for business styles but wow I’m type B and it totally clicks! I could never figure out if I just got bored easily or have the attention span of a fish, but now i know its just the creativity in me, and feeding that soul.

  2. Shar says:

    Work burnout can happen to anyone. With the guide on personality type, you can tackle how it affects you better.

  3. Katie says:

    This was really helpful – I needed this. Thanks!

  4. Veronica says:

    Excellent article, thank you for sharing, it gave me a lot of food for thought, 😍

  5. Great post!! I am completely a person in the Personality type C and your advice on how to get back on track is spot on!! I enjoyed reading this and looking at the other Personality types as well!

  6. Jeanine says:

    As a predominately Type A personality, I relate to much of this and do try to plan out and automate things. If I miss something I stress…though I am getting better, still working on the outsourcing ha ha

  7. Tammi says:

    I love this post! I’m a mix of course, but mostly aligned with Type C. While I eventually resolve burnout when it happens, sometimes it takes me a while for figure it out. I think this will not happen anymore, thanks so much!

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