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How To Take Fridays Off, But Still Be Super Productive

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You have probably seen on social media other people saying that they take Fridays off. Like how in hell can they even do that? Probably, you can barely finish your to-do lists, even though you’re working late nights and during weekends.

I guess I’m not lying if I say that taking Fridays off is a luxury that everyone wants, right?

Taking this extra day off really makes a big difference… You can get all of your cleaning done and do your errands so that during the weekend itself you can actually relax and don’t have as much stuff to do.

And I promise you that it isn’t that difficult as you would think.

So in this blog post, I’ll dive deep into how you can take your Fridays off as well, starting next week.

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take fridays off

1. Change your mindset

Before we start with the practical and logistical side of things, the very first step is to focus on your mindset.

You have to give yourself permission to take Fridays off.

Most of us are so used to hustle and work extremely hard, that taking Fridays off just isn’t aligned with our mindset.

So you might feel a certain resistance, and automatically reject the idea of taking an extra day off, but I promise you that when you do, you will be so happy you did.

You will finally have the time to read that book you have been wanting to read for a very long time, do an extensive self-care routine, meet that friend you didn’t see in a while and just fully recharge.

We are business owners, so we have the luxury to make choices like this. We have the freedom to choose whenever we want to work. So use this to your advantage!

Taking Fridays off isn’t something that just happens automatically, we have to commit to doing this consistently and putting a system into place that allows us to take this extra day off.

2. Take Fridays off by fitting in tasks strategically

So what I recommend you to do, is just taking your calendar or planner, and move the tasks that you had initially planned to do on Friday, and fit these strategically in other days of the week.

Where do you plan these in? Well, I’m glad you’re asking!

Did you plan to write a blog post on Friday? Then reschedule this writing task right after other writing tasks that you had scheduled that week. Since your mind is already in writing mode, it won’t cost that much extra effort and time to add another writing task to that batching session.

So, fit all the tasks that you had initially planned to do on Friday and add these right after similar tasks during the week.

take fridays off

3. Give yourself less time for tasks

You probably think: how can I fit these in, when my days are already that packed?

The answer is to just make the time blocks that you give yourself to accomplish your tasks smaller.

Why? Because of Parkinson’s Law, work will expand until it fills the time available for its completion.

So in other words, when you give yourself 2 hours to complete a task, then it will probably take 2 hours until you’re finished. However, when you give yourself only 45 minutes., the task will often be finished in these 45 minutes.

You will be astonished that your workdays won’t be more packed than usual. You’re just automatically more focused, taking fewer breaks and procrastinating less in order to accomplish your task in the given timeframe.

4. Setting boundaries with clients

Make sure you reschedule all calls and meetings you have on Fridays and block the whole day out on your calendar so that nobody can schedule a new meeting.

And in case you’re a coach or service provider, communicate clearly to your clients that from now on Friday won’t be a working day for you anymore.

And in case they don’t respect it and call you or email you on a Friday, then have the discipline to not answer immediately, but respond on your next working day. Consistency is absolutely key here, otherwise, your clients won’t take your working hours seriously.

5. Take Fridays off by automating parts of your biz

Make a habit to automate a certain part of your business every month. It might take a little bit of time to implement these automations but you will save so many hours in the long run. So, this will allow you to take your Fridays off when the automations do the work for you in the background.

Some automations you could introduce in your biz are:

  • Setting up a welcome series in your favorite email service provider (Recommended tool: Convertkit)

  • Creating an automated sales funnel (Recommended tool: New Zenler)

  • Creating a quiz as a fun way to build your email list on autopilot (Recommended tool: Interact)

  • Automating your accountancy tasks (Recommended tool: Quickbooks)

  • Automating your social media (Recommended tool: MeetEdgar)

Hope this was helpful!

take fridays off

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Let’s Chat!

Let me know in the comments down below: do you take your Fridays off? Or would you like to in the future?

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  1. Verity says:

    Great tips for managing your time more effectively!

  2. Alex says:

    Love this and agree with every single point. All this automation software gives us the ability to “plan ahead” and stuff still goes out even when we’re not at the desk – lucky us! Also agree very much with the Parkinson’s principle – I swear by my Pomodoro timer! 👍

  3. Evie says:

    I can’t wait until I can get to this point. But you are so right, it seems that however long I plan for a task, it always takes the whole time since I find myself doing other less important things.

  4. Martina says:

    This blog is really insightful, thank you! I struggle so hard with number 4. I always feel guilty whenever I feel like I’m relaxing, but this blog really reminded me to set my own personal boundaries and prioritize the things that matter most! Thank you x

  5. Kali Kuzma says:

    Even though I agree with all the above statements I find Fridays are my most productive days to get things done before the weekend lol

  6. Love this! Sometimes you just need some down time!

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