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Using The Scripting Manifestation Technique To Attract Anything You Want

scripting manifestation
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Everything that has to do with money mindset, money affirmations, and the law of attraction have been quite hot topics lately, right?

We all know that we have to be abundant and act like we already have the life that we’re desiring so that unconsciously we attract more of that into our lives.

However, I don’t know about you, but all of this still seemed so vague to me.

I thought, how in the world do I do this specifically? How can I be genuinely convinced that I already have the life that I’m desperately desiring, while it’s so obvious that I’m lying to myself because I am not living that life at all?

I tried guided abundance meditations, I tried daily affirmations, I tried visualizing techniques and they all didn’t seem to help until I recently discovered a mindfulness practice called the scripting manifestation technique.

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scripting manifestation

1. What is scripting manifestation technique?

The scripting manifestation technique is basically the practice of writing your own story and describing exactly, in lots of detail the life that you would love to be living as you are already living it (so you write it in the present tense instead of the future tense).

And what I personally like to do, is not only describing point B but also writing my journey from point A (so where I am currently) to point B (my dream life) in the past tense.

So specifically, I write about how I created this mindset shift and I finally started believing that I can have the life that I truly desire, and how step-by-step and little by little, I manifested all these different things that I wanted. (and so I write this journey in the past tense, as it already happened).

So basically you are describing your journey in the past tense, until the point that you are living your dream life (and then, you write in the present tense).

And the more specific and detailed you describe all of these situations, the more powerful it gets.

And I’m just obsessed with this process because it makes you feel super empowered and in control because YOU can decide exactly what your life looks like. So, it helps you to get super clear about exactly what it is you want to manifest.

On another note, it just seems like your future self is writing this instead of you because once you start writing, you just can’t stop and it seems like you know all these details so clearly, it all seems so real.

And something else that makes it super powerful, is that you will start to trust the process so much more. All the obstacles you come across, just won’t seem as scary anymore, because in many cases, you already anticipated them and know exactly how the situation is going to turn out and what you will be manifesting because of those. It’s like having ‘deja-vu’ experiences because you (mentally) went through this already.

So, I would definitely recommend you to try this out, it’s amazing how it has helped me to genuinely start believing I am already living the kind of life I want for myself.

2. So, how do you start with scripting?

So, start with describing the life that you want for yourself, in the present tense and in as much detail as possible, and dive deep into how all of these make you feel. Describe your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as you are living this kind of lifestyle.

  • Where are you living?
  • Who are you with?
  • What do your home looks like?
  • What do you eat?
  • What does your morning routine looks like?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have any kids? How many?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • How is your financial situation

I want to emphasize for a sec, that with this technique, you have to genuinely ask yourself what it is that YOU want. The lifestyle that you are describing should be aligned with your dreams and desires and shouldn’t be dictated by the expectations of other people.

And once you have done that, start describing the situation you’re currently in, in the past tense, and then just start writing about your ‘potential’ journey from that situation until you have reached your dream life.

Write about the moment you made this mindset shift (to a more abundant one) and started noticing all of these things around you that you already have, and finally started being grateful. And that from that moment on, you started manifesting step-by-step exactly the life you had envisioned for yourself. You can get even super-specific and mention the dates that you manifested these things (even though these are in the future).

And when describing this journey, focus on the positive feelings, focus on gratitude, happiness, excitement, love, and joy, and avoid writing out of a space of scarcity, need, and lack. Because remember, the feeling that you cultivate is exactly what you are going to attract more of into your life. So don’t describe a super painful and difficult journey to your dream life and don’t write about the things that you don’t want.

It might seem daunting at first, but you will be astonished when you realize how many scenarios and situations that you can realistically predict. From the moment that you start writing, you will see that the story will just flow by itself.

And guys, it’s so cool and fulfilling to take back your notebook or Google Doc and read these stories back and see the number of things that actually happened.

scripting manifestation

3. So, why does it work? Why is scripting so powerful for manifestation?

It works because you’re trusting the process. It’s like you already know exactly what is going to happen. And even if things go differently than you have written, you know that you will overcome that obstacle and that you have the power and control to make things happen in your life.

You are not a victim of your circumstances anymore. You start to recognize that life isn’t just about situations that ‘overcome’ you and how those situations impact your life automatically, but that there is a whole range of space in between those.

YOU can decide how that situation impacts your life, and this is based on conscious choice. You have all these different opportunities available to you that will change the impact this situation will have on your life completely.

And with the scripting manifestation technique, for once, you’re not going out from the worst-case scenario, but focusing on how you can turn this situation into the best possible scenario so that you can move ahead in your journey to your dream life. And by doing that, you’re having a much higher vibration that attracts more positive things to your life. Because remember, energy flows, where attention goes!

And this is an exercise that you can do over and over again. It’s a practice that you can do every couple of months to reset your intentions and connect with your true inner desires.

You can script about your life in general, but also about specific areas of your life, like a scripting session about your relationships, business, health, finances, and family.

So, definitely would recommend you to try this technique out, it’s amazing and super powerful.

I hope this blog post was helpful.

Happy scripting!

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Let’s Chat!

Did you already try scripting for manifestation? What was your experience? And if you haven’t, do you want to try it out? Let me know in the comments down below!

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