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aligned business
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So, you might have noticed in your business that there comes a time that things just start to become more difficult and heavy and it just doesn’t flow as easy anymore as it used to. In some cases, that’s a clear sign that you don’t have an aligned business anymore and it’s time to pivot and make some changes within your business.

And of course, change can be scary, especially since it might entail changing your business model and trying a different way of monetizing.

Just know that it’s absolutely ok to make changes when you feel your current biz isn’t aligned with who you are anymore. I mean, you aren’t static, you as a person are constantly evolving. And so, it is completely normal that what you wanted at one point, isn’t necessarily the same as what you want now.

So, in that case, you just have to make some changes and adjustments to your business, so it re-aligns with the person you are becoming.

But believe me when I say, that you will be so grateful and feel so relieved after because sometimes, pivoting your biz is just necessary and unavoidable in order to stay in alignment with yourself.

it’s so worth it because after, your business will just flow, everything will go so much easier and smooth because it’s aligned with the person you are becoming and how you want your life and business to look and feel like.

So here are some important tips on how to create more alignment within your biz.

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aligned business

1. Analysing your pulls and pushes

The following technique is inspired by Tony Robbins, and basically discusses the difference between pulling activities and pushing activities.

And so what he means by that is the following. Within your biz and life in general, there are always going to be these tasks that you don’t enjoy doing and always will find excuses to avoid these, right?

These could be certain admin tasks, doing your taxes, answering support emails,…

For sure something will come up in your mind when you think about those tasks you always find a way to procrastinate and keep finding reasons why today just isn’t the day that you’re going to take care of this.

And so, these tasks fall under the category of pushing, because you need to force and really push yourself to do these things, right?

It doesn’t come naturally to you and it for sure doesn’t give you energy.

And then on the other side, there are these tasks or activities within your biz that you just absolutely love. You are naturally inspired and attracted to these kinds of tasks and are pulled towards them.

When doing these “pull” activities, you don’t feel like you’re working. Everything just flows.

So, this is a sign that whatever you’re doing in those moments is aligned with your passions and talents.

It’s definitely interesting to pay attention to this and ask yourself whether the tasks and activities you do on a regular basis fall under the pull or push category.

And I mean it’s definitely possible that something used to be a pull for you, but recently became a push, because you just don’t feel intrinsically inspired by this anymore.

This technique will give you important insights and cultivate more self-awareness about what you could pivot your biz into, in order to spend more time in pull activities instead of push activities.

2. Seeing patterns

I am convinced that in every single business, it doesn’t matter what niche or what stage you are at, there will be always some tasks that you do not really enjoy doing.

But we are talking about the big picture, so when you only enjoy 50% or less of the activities and tasks in your biz, I would say that this is a sign you don’t have an aligned business anymore.

And so what you can do next is analyzing the 40% or 30% of your current biz you do like. Are there any patterns there? And is there a way to create more time for this and reducing spending time spend on other tasks that don’t excite you as much?

For example, say that you are a wedding planner, and you’re a little tired of all this planning and organizing, but you recently started designing the wedding invitations for your clients yourself and absolutely love doing that.

In this case, maybe there is a way to pivot your business and take on fewer clients and position yourself as a wedding invitation designer, since you already have the network and clients that can refer you, this pivot might not be as difficult.

And most importantly, in this way you can do what you are currently loving and do less of what no longer feels draining and exhausting and create an aligned business.

aligned business

3. Don’t avoid creating an aligned business just because you don’t want to disappoint others

You don’t have to stay stuck in your business, just because you don’t want to disappoint your clients or community.

You might think “yeah but Tascha, these people are expecting this and this. I can’t let them down”.

If your biz isn’t aligned with you anymore, it simply isn’t worth holding onto. You have to let go and make the changes you know are going to create a business with so much more ease and flow.

Please don’t sacrifice your own happiness just for pleasing your audience. Your audience and clients would also notice that you have lost your spark and aren’t showing up anymore with the same enthusiasm and excitement as before.

So, just do yourself and others a favor and pivot when you feel that’s the right thing because it will be the most beneficial for everyone in the long term.

So this rounds up all my tips and advice about creating an aligned business.

Before I sign off, I just want to emphasize that you already know deep down inside of what you need to do, just trust your gut feeling enough and dare to show up as your unique, most authentic self.

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Let’s Chat!

Let me know in the comments down below if you have ever pivoted your biz and how you experienced this.

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  1. Shelley says:

    I think it is very important to enjoy what you are doing. If something’s not working anymore, then it is time for a change.

  2. Areil says:

    Yes, you can’t worry about disappointing others. You have to do what feels right for you.

  3. Martina Alim says:

    I’m planning to put up a small online business, so this blog is really timely! Thank you for these tips x

  4. Emily says:

    I’m in the process of figuring out exactly what I want my business to represent, and this really resonates with me.

  5. Evie says:

    Amazing! Yes, your business needs to be your passion and love, not just what you think others need or want. Do what you love and others will take notice.

  6. Erica says:

    Some great advice! Being open and willing to pivot is so important.

  7. Kari says:

    So true about the push/pull concept from Tony Robbins. There are some things I HATED doing, so I had to think about how important were they in the overall scheme of things. Some were important and others weren’t so I got to shift my focus to other areas that I enjoy more!

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