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3 Productivity Mindset Shifts that Boosted My Business

3 productivity mindset shifts that boosted my business
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POV: You’re running a business you always wanted and achieving goals you wrote down a year ago. You’ve got the willpower, knowledge, and resources to make sure you succeed.

That would be the dream, right?

During my morning run today, I was running without music because my Airpods battery died, and I got thinking about how being productive and getting things done in my business has become significantly easier throughout the last couple of months.

I remember that back then, I struggled so hard to find the motivation and willpower to work and show up to accomplish the goals I had set for myself. I was pushing myself to wake up early but couldn’t focus, and then I got extremely disappointed when I felt I wasn’t productive enough.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset focused on moving forward and overcoming setbacks is crucial for success. That’s why today, I want to chat about what has changed, my epiphanies, and the mindset shift that led me to approach productivity from a completely different mindset.

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3 productivity mindset shifts that boosted my business

What separates a successful individual from everyone else? A calloused mindset! A simple change from “Why would someone pay for my services” to something along the lines of “I have a desirable skillset and I am an expert in my niche” could be a great start to seeing results in your business.

Let’s look at some of the mindset shifts that I introduced into my life and business:

1. Detaching Your Self-Worth From Your Productivity

The first one is HUGE: no longer attaching my worth to my productivity. If you want to learn more about this, I have written a blog post about it. (You can check it out here!)

In this hustle society we’re currently living in, people tend to overestimate the importance of productivity and accomplishments. And this can make being productive and accomplishing your goals feel pretty “heavy.” In other words, it creates a tremendous amount of pressure on you, which can be overwhelming.

So, fully accepting that you’re enough and whole, unconditionally, of your productivity levels and accomplishments and detaching your self-worth from this is the most important step and can be such a relief.

The truth is, you guys…I know it sounds silly. But, I had so much resistance to letting this belief go, because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get things done anymore without this belief.

Because where did I get my motivation from? From my fear of not being enough if I didn’t accomplish everything on my to-do list. I can assure you, that’s one hell of a motivation.

But guess what… The opposite is actually true. From the moment I let this attachment go, I noticed that I felt naturally inspired and excited to work.

It’s not that I HAD TO, but I WANTED TO; it’s about where it came from. It was no longer coming from a place of obligation, pressure, and searching for validation and acceptance. It was coming from a place of inspiration.

I started to fall in love again with what I do best. I got that same fuel and energy I once had when just starting my business. Even if it meant starting over or adapting a couple of things made my life and business exciting. I opened myself up to new possibilities.

So, I strongly suggest you to start questioning those limiting beliefs and detach your worth from your productivity. You can do it!

2. Focusing On Alignment & Authenticity

Especially as a beginner, it’s sometimes tricky to figure out how to manage your business, where to focus your energy, marketing strategies, who to hire, and so on.

So we tend to do what everyone else does because that seems the right thing to do.

However, in most cases, it doesn’t work long-term.

You’re unique. Your skill set is unique. Your personality is unique.

And I have found that the best way to find alignment and make productivity and success flow easy is to focus precisely on what makes you “you.”

Let’s look at an example:

You know that reels are essential to grow your Instagram account and gain more exposure.

You have finally found the courage to put yourself in front of the camera and even splurged some cash on equipment like a ring light, microphone, and all the other stuff that “experts” claim you should buy. You also learn to talk and gesture in a certain way. But guess what?

You absolutely despise it, and it stresses you out. You’ve probably deleted the last 10 videos that took hours to make.

Instead of forcing yourself to make reels as everyone else does, how can we make the process fun?

How can you make reels in a way that feels aligned and authentic to you?

How can you sprinkle your awesomeness and personality into this reel so it becomes something “less serious” and fun?

I can guarantee you that from the moment you figure out how to do something YOUR WAY, you will feel much less resistance to doing it, and you will even look forward to doing it.

The excitement to create entertaining, but quality content for your audience becomes bigger than your fear of spotlight and imposter syndrome.

3. Realizing You Need To Change Your Environment

There is this saying that goes like this:

A flower in the wrong environment (not enough water or light) won’t be able to bloom. Is it the fault of the flower? Absolutely not. Because if you move the flower to a favorable environment with the right conditions, it grows and blossoms.

Sometimes you find yourself in a location that isn’t right for you. Maybe the weather is too cold. Perhaps you’re a city gal deep down, and living in the countryside isn’t working.

Or maybe you’re not surrounded by people that inspire and empower you. Most neglect who we have in our circle. We assume that if they’re willing to hang around with us, you feel accepted. In reality, they may be the ones who’ve been bringing negativity into your life.

I’m not saying you have to decide to move to a different city or country necessarily. But even just changing your working environment, going to a local co-working place or coffee bar, or connecting every once in a while with like-minded people you resonate with, can have a profound impact on your motivation and productivity levels.

So, reflect on your current working location: does it work for you? If not, how could you improve or change it for the better?

An adaptable mindset allows entrepreneurs to navigate through new challenges and barriers in life- and business. We all must have a growth mindset and believe that our skills and abilities can be improved through constant effort.

The above mindset shifts aren’t that complicated to establish. It’s only a lifelong process and takes a wee bit of work. But, you are likely to look back one day and be glad about your progress.

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Now that you’ve learned the benefits of mindset shifts, will you start adapting any of them today? Let me know in the comments.

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