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Why Your Childhood Traumas & Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Success

childhood traumas
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Do you have experienced sometimes that something deep inside you is actively holding you back from reaching the success you’re actually capable of? Maybe some limiting beliefs or childhood traumas are to this day still coming in between you and your dreams.

If you have, don’t worry at all. We have all been there.

The most important thing is becoming aware of this and admitting to yourself that YOU in fact are the one who is responsible for holding yourself back instead of pointing the finger at other people or external factors.

In this blog post, I will dive deep into WHY it is that certain traumatic events that you have experienced or limiting beliefs you have developed are holding you back from your true potential.

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childhood traumas

Everyone of us has at some point experienced childhood traumas

Every one of us has at some point in our childhood experienced some traumatic experience, and with that, I don’t only mean abandonment or abuse, but even simply your mom getting angry at you for making a mess can already be sufficient to trigger a traumatic experience.

As a kid, we feel that our parents are EVERYTHING. They give us food, shelter, love. And as a kid, when your mom is yelling at you, you can easily perceive that as the risk of your mom abandoning you and so, you being in danger of not having your basic needs fulfilled.

And so, you might take these traumatic experiences into your adulthood in a variety of possible ways.

For example, you might create the limiting belief that you just don’t deserve good things happening to you in your life and career, because you always tend to have bad luck…

And because of self-fulfilling prophecy, these beliefs will actually make you attract negativity and create struggle in your life.

You are probably thinking: …But Tascha, I don’t believe in this ‘woo woo’ and vibrations in the universe stuff.

I get it, but this actually just psychology.

How your thoughts ultimately create your reality.

The way you perceive a certain situation will impact the thoughts you have and your thoughts will then impact your feelings and emotions.

After a while of consistently having the same perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you will create a belief.

These beliefs will then impact the actions that you do and don’t take and will in this way also impact the results you obtain.

And these results will ultimately create your reality.

This reality will then reinforce and reconfirm your perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Without realizing it, you just start going through this same cycle over and over again until it’s so ingrained that it becomes completely unconscious.

How does this work in reality?

Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Sarah feels completely stuck in a demanding job that doesn’t fulfill her at all.

She used to have so many dreams when she was in her early twenties, but it seems that she has just accepted the idea that those won’t ever become her reality.

On a Sunday evening, she is taking a walk in her neighborhood and walks into Kate, a girl that used to be her high school friend but lost contact throughout the years.

They start chatting about what’s going on in their lives, and Kate explains how she quit her 9-5 job and start a pottery business, which is going great.

When she gets home from the walk, Sarah is still processing all that has been said, she didn’t like that Kate was bragging about her new perfect life and felt that Kate didn’t really take her job seriously…

”omg, why did I even decide to talk to her. Kate is just so lucky,” Sarah thinks. ”I would never be able to pull off something like that.”

Sarah notices she feels jealous, frustrated, and anxious all at the same time. The only thing she wants to do right now is snuggling up in a blanket, order pizza, and watch those new episodes of Emily in Paris. So that’s exactly what she does.

The next day she wakes up tired, feeling down and unmotivated. She just keeps on snoozing her alarm, not wanting to come out of bed wanting to forget yesterday’s conversation as fast as possible.

Let’s dissect this mini-story:

Situation: Sarah walks into her friend, Kate, who tells her about her recent career shift

Perception: Sarah perceives this as Kate bragging about her success and downplaying Sarah’s job.

Thoughts: success like that isn’t meant for me. I couldn’t pull something off like that

Feelings: anxiety, jealousy, self-doubt, and frustration

Action: snuggle up in a blanket, order pizza, and watch Netflix

Result: feeling extremely tired, unmotivated, and the next day refusing to wake up.

Conclusion: Reality doesn’t change.

And thus, Sarah will be repeating this cycle over and over again reinforcing those same thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that were once created by her childhood traumas. And to this day this will affect her, thinking that her situation sucks, that she is completely stuck, and that she has no control whatsoever in changing this.

childhood traumas

We often attach our identity to these beliefs that aren’t serving us.

The difficult part is that we often attach our identity to these beliefs that aren’t serving us.

For example, someone that identifies himself as “the underdog”, will unconsciously create complications, difficulties, and struggle in their lives and businesses. Because if success would come easy, their identity and the way they see themselves would be threatened.

We accept the success we think we deserve

When it comes to romantic relationships, there is this common quote that says “we accept the love we think we deserve.”

And that’s so true because many people actively sabotage their own romantic relationships because they believe they don’t deserve such a great boyfriend, and will always search for someone who treats them badly and doesn’t appreciate them for who they truly are. Because that aligns with what they believe they deserve.

And when it comes to success. It’s exactly the same: we accept the success that we think we deserve.

Break those imaginary success ceilings that are created by your limiting beliefs and childhood traumas

There is this imaginary success ceiling that we believe exists, and we just don’t allow ourselves to pass this bar.


  • Because we feel that only until a certain amount of success is “meant for us”. More than that would be unaligned with our identity.

  • Because having more success than these ceilings allows us to, would be freaking scary. You feel this kind of success would go automatically hand-in-hand with less free time, more stress, more responsibility, more uncomfortable situations,…

  • Because you feel too much success changes people, and not in a good way.

  • Because you were always thought to not shine too bright

  • Because you experienced some childhood traumas that involved successful people that have hurt you or your family

I feel that overcoming those ceilings isn’t something that you can overcome overnight, it’s a journey. Maybe your first “success ceiling” doesn’t allow you to gain any money from your side hustle.

You will have to put in the work to challenge your limiting beliefs and childhood traumas, question your thoughts and do your money affirmations. This will allow you to finally start believing that you are meant for more and HOORAY, you have broken through your first success ceiling.

And after a few months, you might notice that you hit against a new success ceiling, but don’t be discouraged by that. Rather than obstacles, try seeing them as milestones.

And like that, hit those income goals, break through those ceilings, and become completely unstoppable in your biz, because you my friend, are meant for so much more than you allow yourself to be.

childhood traumas

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  1. Evie says:

    I love seeing these new ceilings as milestones instead of obstacles! We all have those moments from our childhood and looking to overcome these limiting beliefs is so important.

  2. Martina says:

    I can’t stress enough how this blog post really spoke to me on a different level. I haven’t acknowledged the childhood trauma that I have experience, but now I feel like something/someone shed a light on the subject. Thank you so much for this x

  3. Aditi Jain says:

    I really believe that your childhood trauma affects you and it takes a lot of time to accept it.

  4. I have childhood trauma and I had to go to therapy to help me heal from all of my past hurts. Trauma can really affect someone.

  5. Ruth says:

    Sadly childhood trauma can take so many years to undo. Thanks for sharing great insight on this difficult topic.

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